A fly on bus flying round bus speed 60mph how fast fly going?


What are the names of automobile repair reference manuals that show step by step repair procedures?

All speed is relative. Irrespective of the speed of the bus the fly is going his normal speed. If we are to take in the speed of the bus then we would have to take into account the rotational speed of the earth on its axis, its speed around the sun etc.......

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same as a fish in a fishbowl.

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60 mph

How to do it?


I need to know if Philips CrystalVision Ultra headlight bulbs look blue like HID or Xenon bulbs.?

faster than the knight rider car

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It depends on the speed the fly goes and whether the fly is travelling from the back of the bus to the front or the front to the back.

what do you think is the best all around work truck is?

It'll be between 55MPH and 65MPH ground speed

how do you service a vehicle with emiision problems? I mean it failed the Emission test in India?

its usual speed.
the speed of the fly falls on the gravity of the bus.
the speed of the bus doesn't affect the speed of the fly.

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Good question, and some great well thought out answers.

Any suggestions for Drivers license?

here's one: Whats the last thing that goes through a flies head when it hits the windscreen?

2WD/4WD 4H and 4L?

It's a*s. lol

What is the most popular color of vehicles?

fly going knowhere staying on bus !
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