1996-00 Honda Civic or 1973-77 Chevrolet Monte Carlo?

Which car do you like better between a 1996-00 Honda Civic or a 1973-77 Chevrolet Monte Carlo? I personally like the 1973-77 Chevrolet Monte Carlo better cause they're more distinctive, stylish, they have more personality and substance, they're easier to fix and best of all they're safe in the car accidents, plus they remind me of the more simpler times in my life and I sure wish America would build cars the way they did in the 1960s/70s but with better gas mileage.


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GM all the way. I'd rather have an old tank around me in a wreck than some fiberglass and plastic tonka toy with balloons ( airbags). No computer BS to worry about, an I'd rather rebuild a carb than clean fuel injectors. Plus, the old Monte Carlo will always be worth more money as years go by, and as years go by the Honda's become worthless, plus all these new cars have no personallity, no classic body lines, no sex appeal, no looks, and no power.

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I definitely would go for the Monte Carlo myself but I prefer the 1970-72 style over the 1973-77 (I thought the 1973-75 grills were ugly but the 1976-77 grills are nice looking), they haven't built a good car since the early 1970s.

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kind of like comparing apples to oranges isn't it?

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Me I would say the 1996-00 Honda Civic cause they're more fuel efficent and fun to drive, I've owned a 1998 Honda Civic EX 2 door (w/5 speed) and it was a very reliable car and it has alot of personality, I still wish I haven't gotten rid of it.

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I own a 2004 Toyota Matrix and it's a great reliable car but not as fun to drive as the Civic.
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