Any advice on getting a 2-wheel drive truck unstuck?

The rear wheels are spinning in mud and front is in hole, no other vehicle around to tow out.


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By rocking it back and forth, and adding some wood or rocks under the wheels.

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put some sand/sod under the tires, put in low gear go slow turn side to side as you accelerate and have some1 push your front quarter pannel to one side

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You can borrow a winch, or pick up a couple of come-alongs at any hardware/auto supply stores for about 10-15 dollars apiece.
Hook one end to the tow-eyes of your truck, and the other to a tree. If a tree isn't nearby, drive an iron or steel stake into the ground to pull it to, just put it in at an angle
AWAY from the direction you are pulling, so that the force pulls it deeper into the ground strengthening it, rather than into the air flying towards your windshield
Without seeing the hole in front, I can't really advise much more, but try putting something solid, like boards, under the rear tires for some traction.

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Basically, it's a matter of traction. If you spin the wheels too much, you deepen the rut, and it's almost impossible to get out, especially with 2 wheel drive. Certain things help, though. Find some loose brush, like small tree branches or bush trimmings, and throw under the wheels. Using reverse sometimes is better, as it's geared lower, and has more torque to help power out of spots. If you can get some roughage under the wheels, like brush, or even 2x6 boards, that may be enough to get it unstuck. Being the front is in a hole, you may need to jack it up some, and put boards underneath the wheels to give the rear wheels time to get traction to move it.

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keep rockin drive to rev. or if a standard 1 to R do it fast keep it moving not the best but it was i do

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You got it stuck, then burried it, dig it out with your hands..
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