1997 neon using to much gas engine light on, exhaust smells awful i think its running to rich any ideas?


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You have all of the signs of a totally neglected car. When is the last time it had a tune up? Cars still need that, spark plugs get worn out. The check engine light really means something, it means that there is something wrong with the engine and it neede to have diagnostic codes read and someting fixed. If you do those two things I guarantee that the otherr two will go away too.

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Something definitely needs adjusting. You may not be getting the correct mixture of fuel and oxygen. Get to a mechanic soon.

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Could be the catalytic converter!

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You would get the smell and there could be a sensor setting it off. Bring it to Autozone, they will plug it in for free the check the codes in the computer.

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Ok most of the time it is the o2 senser. It makes the car run rich and you can tell by the black smoke comming from the exhaust.
Go to auto-zone and have it scaned to find out why the light is on. It is free and it will tell you why it is running so rich.

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Yes there is either a problem with yout fuel injector (they get bad as time goes on), or your air intake is blocked and not taking in enough. Also if your exaust has a bluish black look along with smelling bad you may have a oil leak and engine oil is going into the fuel sypply line or cylinder which is getting burned.
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