How many cars are in San Francisco?

I need the number of cars owned by residents of San Francisco, or the amount of carbon dioxide those cars pump into the atmosphere in a given amount of time. It's for a school project on carbon emissions. Please also put the source you got your figure from so I can list it in my bibliography and check the fact myself. Thank you!


Is there an MPV that does not require the seats to be removed to make extra space?

A million a day :)

imports vs v8?

San Francisco has a population of roughly 800,000 people...figure one car per peep..

What do they do with concept cars?

make that 799,999. i just totaled mine.

what is the car used by will smith in the futuristic film,irobot?


What is the best car travel mug?


Is there a big difference as to the quietness between a 2005 Toyota Camry and a 2005 Lexus LS400?

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