Nitrous regulations/saftey issues...?

I'm getting a ZEX nitrous kit for my LT1 powered Camaro. I was wondering what laws Indiana has on having a system installed or carrying actual nitrous oxide gas in the car. Do I need a special license to handle the gas? Will I get ticketed for having the system installed?


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NOS is sold for off road use only, If you use it on your car you will be violation of Federal emission control laws. Local and State police don't have jurisdiction to write you a ticket for having NOS installed on your car but when you go in for your emission test and they do a visual they might catch the legal modification but its unlikely.

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NOS is a non-flammable gas so having a a bottle in your trunk is not a fire hazard but it is still a high pressure cylinder that could rupture.

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Carrying it, even installing it is fine. If you get caught using it your in trouble.
Nitrous is fun, but don't expect the engine to last very long.

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yeah,go for it.
installing NOS increases u'r engine power and thus acceleration.
use it to run away if the cops nail u.
also u need to top up u'r NOS bottles all the time,but its still worth it.(IF YOU ARE A SERIOUS PETROLHEAD!!)

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You dont need nitrous!: )

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