Who is responsible in a bumper to bumper car accident?

I recently got involved in a bumper to bumper car accident in traffic recently. The car in front of me suddenly slammed its brakes and my brakes didn't slow me down in time and I bumped into the other car which then bumped into the car in front. There was no damage done to the car I had directly bumped into but the car in front recieved a dent in the rear bumper. Is my insurance company responsible for damages incurred to the 3rd car?


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In most states you are responsible. however the middle car would be in a "Grey area" if it was still moving when you hit it. If it was at a stop your insurance will be responsible for the damage to all cars. If the middle car was moving when you hit it, it could be possible that their insurance would have to pay for the front cars damage. It really all depends on how good the lawyers are!- always contact your insurance company for answers to questions like this.

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I would think you were responsible, but just to be sure talk to your insurance agent.

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no, you are only responsible for the person in front of you

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Pretty sure the car in the rear that iniated the bumps is responsible for all the cars. Unfortunately, whether the person in front of you stopped short or not -- its still your fault because "you should have avoided them" which is crap. It may vary by state though.

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You are responsible for all damage including the 3rd car.

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Hitting from behind is virtually always considered the fault of the rear driver - sorry to say but talk it through with your insurance company and take it from there. The 3rd car will have to take it up with the 2nd car and then refer on to you if they wish - you'll have to wait and see on that one - deal with the car you directly hit first and take it from there.

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Usually the person that is in the rear is responsible. That does vary in some states though. I had a similar thing happen to a friend recently, but she was the car in the middle. The guy who was in the rear ended up being responsible to the damages to both cars. Good Luck, hope it doesn't end up being your responsibility!

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In New York State, at least, you are at fault. Your car hit the other car, ergo, your fault. You need to leave more room between yourself and other cars.

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What you described happened to me, however, I was the driver of the car that was in the middle. The guy that hit me had to pay everything. My insurer even sued and got me my deductible. Each car in the line sued the one behind them, taking the suit from the first car along to the last car.

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yeah, i'd say you're responsible..... unless of course you live in Michigan, which is a "no fault" state, it's up to each individual's insurer to cover their own damages

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in kentucky if you rearend someone it is your fault regardless

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If you filed a police report, it should list who is at fault. Not all rear end collisions are the fault of the back car, the problem lies in trying to PROVE you are not at fault. It may be cheaper to pay for the damage yourself and not go through the insurance. Call your Agent and talk with them.
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