Why are gas tanks placed on either side of a car?

I like gas tanks to be on the driver's side so I don't have to walk around the car when I"m by myself and pumping gas (yes, I AM that lazy). Is there a real reason for gas tanks to ever be placed on the passenger side? My husband thinks it might have to do with safety during wrecks.


How can you get a sticker off a car windshield?

There doesn't seem to be a standard. It's apparently a result of the overall design of the vehicle and where it fits best. My Neon's filler is on the right, my Odyssey's is on the left. My LTD had it on the left. My Datsun truck had it on the left. My Ranger had it on the left. My VW Beetle had it on the right. My Nova had it in the back behind the license plate. In the back is really a bad place, because if you get rear-ended, which if you look around at damaged cars, is a very real possibility, you're toast. (Literally). Your husband is right about that one. The original Volkswagen Beetles had them in the front under the hood, until they changed to the right side in front of the passenger door. Some sports cars, like older Corvettes, had the filler dead center behind the rear window. Old Mustangs had them on the back between the tail lights. My neighbor's Jaguar has it on the top left behind the rear window.

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No it has to do with the makers of the cars

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it actually had to deal wit how gas is fed into where it is compressed and used....ur husband is a dumb basterd who needs to ride a bike instead of driving something that he dosnt know **** about

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its mostly the makers and design of the car, like most newer fords hav the pump on the passenger side, and many gm cars have it on the driver side

How much gasoline can be transported in a car trailer before hazmat regulation kick in Ie racing fuel?

I liked the good ol' days when the auto makers tried to hide the gas fill. You know, like the '57 chevy was hidden behind a door that was part of the tale light and others behind the license plate. It's aggravating when you pull up to get gas only to get out and realize that it's on the other side -argh! It was so much simpler when it was in the middle.

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It has to do with the engineering process, weight distribution, a lot of factors.
In my opinion, sometimes it's just stupidity by the designer.

Can you boost boost?

The automakers flip a coin

My car tax ran out three months ago where do I stand legally? what should I do?


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What do Liters in car engine mean?

It probably has nothing to do with weight distribution on cars. Since the gas cap, assembly and the line to the fuel tank don't weigh that much. It probably has to do more with routing the exhaust and other electrical wires to the rear of the car.

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The reason the tank filler neck is on the passanger side is simple. When you pull up to the pump, if the neck was on the drivers side you would smash ur door against the safety poles around the gas pumps. Also do u Know that there is a little arrow on almost all gas gauges that shows you which side the filler neck is on. Look close at different car gas gauges on the dash and u will see a little arrow that shows you wich side the neck is on.
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