Which is the near side?

In England which side is the near side on a car, Passenger or driver?


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There Correct the left is the nearside. In the UK that's the side nearest the kerb, but nearside and offside came from mounting horses, you always mounted and dismounted from the nearside. and when modes of transport moved on to cars the term stuck.
I think you'll find that in equestrian circles all over the world the nearside is the left. but it' a handy way to remember what side for us, nearest the kerb neardside, the N American motorists' might have changed it's meaning to suit them?

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Passenger - its nearer the kerb.

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passenger ...nearest to the kerb strange but true

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It is always the side nearest the pavement/sidewalk, irrespective of L.H or R.H drive vehicles, or which side of the road you drive on.

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The NEAR side is so called because it's NEARest the Kerb, i.e. in the U.K. the left hand side of the vehicle.In your terms, passenger side.

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the side nearist to the kirb passengerside

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The near side is the passenger side, the side nearest the kerb.
Hope this helps. Cheers

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Nearside refers to the side that is nearest the kerb so in GB that is the left side.

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Passenger side

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The near side is that closest to the kerb.
(I used be a mechanic.)

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passenger side for defo

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the closest side or the vehicle to the cerb
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