01 mitsubishi eclipse w/91,000 miles will need new engine. i owe $8,000 on it?

what should i do? i know i wouldn't get much value for it via trade in and now and the dealership wants to charge me $3000 for a used engine to be put in. any suggestions?


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are you sure need a new engine?

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I think the dealer is trying to burn you.

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Find another mechanic to put a used engine in. Don't..I repeat, DON"T go through the dealer to have the engine worked on. You can find a good, used engine for around $500, and pay an independent mechanic another $500 to put it in. Far less than the $3000!

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Mitsui's are like 1980's American cars...terrible!!

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Actually, IF you can get a used engine for $3000, it might be a good bet, but have someone else check it out first before diving in. You may be paying for something that won't even be done(such as washing the engine, and claiming they intstalled something "new")

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Next time buy an extended warranty!! Then you wouldn't be worrying about owing $8000.00 on it! When its only worth $100.00 now with a bad engine! If you bought the extended warranty when you bought it you would be getting a NEW engine on a 91000 mile Eclipse! Paying the extra money on a warranty doesn't seem so bad now, does it?

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The engine in an eclipse is an interference engine . Which means that if the timing belt broke there is a chance the pistons were slammed into the valves . Especially if the engine was running around 2000 rpm when it broke.
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