Are there any SUV's with Bench seats?

I like a bench seat. I am used to Lincoln Continental and Cadillac bench seats. But would like to graduate to a SUV (not a truck), so I can sit higher up, away from the fumes. I don't want a truck, but an SUV. I have a rather large bottom (rear end) and don't fit too well into bucket seats. because the seat belt jabs me in the buttocks. Auto manufacturers design their vehicles for skinney butted men, with disregard for the sometimes copious female anatomy and female habits.
Women usually have a large pocket books and other bags or shopping returns or books etc that they take with them into the car. It is really conventient to throw these in the front seat, instead of opening the back door first . Many women don't like to have their large purses in the rear behind them or jammed in a compartment, they want them next to them. It makes them feel safer having credit cards and money and ID right next to them. What SUV would be best for us.


I just got offered a 2001 C-class mercedes for 7,000. I looked on kbb-and it's worth about the same but..?

cant think of one.
(stick shifts or E brakes )

Need help with permit test?

I cant think of one with bench seats, I think the bench seat went out with the Brady Bunch.

'07 Hyundai Sonata?

No SUV for you, love. You need public transportation. Passage cost is considerably less than petrol for a Lincoln, the cadillac ride becomes more unworldly over time, and you'll quit any jaded class distinction nonsense in short order.
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