Who gets the covered parking space...?

at home? The first one home, or the one with the new car? The parent, or the child? Deep thoughts! LOL!


hi I'm looking for a good guaranteed driving licence coarse?

the wife, which should also be the one with the new car, if the husband knows what's good for him ;-)

Need new mini van, any brand, must be able to add wheelchair lift accessibile?

The one with the vagina.

How much does it cost to ship a car to England from US?

In this order:

What does the acronym "FB" mean?

New car
one paying the bills
child when parents are out of town

in florida, can you get your drivers liscense on the same date a year following, or is it a year and a day?

First one home, the one with the new car, the parent. Not sure if that helps but it should be something that you talk about and decide together.

what is your future car? the car you wish for?

first come, first serve or the just move them as need. and about that new car old car i have an 85 the other people i stay with has an 07 if someone stills their car they get a new one. if mine get stolen i get like $200 so i park in back so you have to move theres to get to mine so you might as well steal there anyway.lol. but that is what i do.

Electronic in car route finders?

One month one person gets it then the next month the other person gets it..or you cut cards for it every month. or you arm wrestle for it. or you well you get what I mean.Its not fair for it to be the first one home. because they might always get home early, BUT if its raining you fight over it.no holds barred..This would make life much more enteresting
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