Which is more environmentally friendly: a hybrid car or a traditional 4cyl civic/focus/cavalier/camr...

I'm doing an unscientific survey.

How do you get your cdl??

If you account for the manufacturing and disposal of the vehicle, as well as the operation of the vehicle over it's useful life, which is more Environmentally friendly (CO2 output, overall emissions, particulates, toxic landfill space)? A hybrid (like the Prius) or a traditional gasoline or diesel powered vehicle (choose your fuel... biodiesel, ethanol, or other)?

how do I clean tinted car windows?

Should we all drive small traditional cars or jump to Hybrids?
Please also respond with your occupation.


is transport in US really unreliable?

I would buy a hybrid if I could afford the added initial cost
you need to own one at least 10 years to break even price wise

What's the name of the UK transport company whose drivers wore uniforms and ties? People used to spot them?

RN turned Teamsters Member

Slower traffic keep right, No vehicles towing trailers in left 2 lanes, does anyone read signs any more?

A car that gives off the least toxins during it's life and is the most economical is best. I understand your point though about the landfill issues. It would be good if cars were made to last with replaceable parts. Lets hope that some brave business person goes for it and starts up that kind of manufacturing..the days of short term products and high amounts of waste that's often toxic will soon be overwhelming for the planet and us!

What are some of the better cars to own in extreme cold weather?

how about a vegatable oil powered mercedes diesel? I know where to get one. yes vegatable oil

What is your biggest pet peeve when driving?

An argument as old as the hybrid technology. I owned a 2002 Prius and let the math solve the issue for me. The car was $6000 more than the Echo sedan platform that it was built on. That means in the expected five year life of the car I would need to have a $1250 a year savings in gasoline just to make it pay for itself. When the car was new and the batteries in top condition the car got an average of 48 MPG on my daily commute. An Echo would have gotten about 40. The Insurance cost more for the Prius, the services cost more for the Prius, and the cost of replacing the batteries at 80K was always in the equation. It turned out that it was way cooler to drive a Prius than en Echo, but certainly not as inexpensive. After having some major problems with it I traded mine for a small Mercedes and have lived happily ever after

what do the blue bear decals in cars mean?

Samll business owner car fanatic here

I am moving from CA to TN and need to know if summer time is less expensive?

small new diesal that runs on low sulfer is best in total terms of amount of raw materials consumed over the life of the carand in manufacturing it and operating it-and considering the acutal production e nergy required as well as the disposal enviromental issues of batteries and such of a hybrid -they in the long run are far more damaging to the enviroment than a diesal is- and the added costs will likely never be earned back over the life of hybrid unless you drive it 150k.

who makes cowels for ice cream vans?

The ideal concpt i hydrogen- clen buring plentiful - justnot tech feasible yet
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