Which is best car brand in India?


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1)"HONDA", T
tOyota,TATA, Mahindra, and MAruti are also good.

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Do not buy Hyundai.

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i think honda city is the best car . it gives u all the facility that u want in ur budget.

Fighting a traffic ticket?

Maruti better knows the Indian roads and they have good quality service also............

If u say the best car brand then its Honda without any doubt... all its products are the best in their classes.. Starting with the Honda City, Honda Accord, Honda CRV and the latest and the best Honda Civic.
U will not get another equivalent product for the quality and pricing that Honda offers and it brings the latest product in the world to India unlike others who use older models. Look at the new CRV and u'll get bowled over...

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maruti- if you are looking for cheap cars with good milage and lots of problems.

I want to buy a new car that is $15,000, I have $4,000 to put down. I also have bad credit,?

toyota- if you are looking for durability,speed,prestige and quality engineering

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From a 'Brand' recall and 'auto', 'value' or 'auto+value' association and perception, it would be MARUTI.

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In reality a car is good or best, only when it is measured against what it was intented to do. e.g. 6 years after launch, the Palio is still India's BEST small car, but nobody buys it, for 'perception' reasons.

How can a person become an independent auto dealer?

Maruti makes reliable, but relatively boring cars, and has a huge service back-up in the country. Tata's makes large, tough, cheap-to-run, value for money vehicles, which have NO driving pleasure at all, at least in the diesels...

Whats wrong with honda civics!!!!?

Anyway I'm sure you get the point.

How does Sat Nav continue to track your position underground?

with a high budget, who can resist the benz or the bmw? but u wanta little cheaper, honda, toyota, hyundai. honda prbly the better pick.

can cars run without gas?

i think maruti and hundai are best brands. the problem with hundai and other big companies is the expensive spare parts and repairing. but the maruti have cheaper maintance and widespread network in india.
but if talk about comfort and style maruti is far behaind other companies.
in overall if get average maruti and hundai maintain an approximatley eqevalent standards.

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maruti and hyundai. i myself have maruti zen its performance is the best.
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