Any tips for my first driving lesson ?


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Try not to be too nervous, keep your eyes on the road, and keep two hands on the wheel. Oh and also, keep your mind clear from interruptions. Sometimes the instuctor will try to help you out a little. Mine did, but don't count on it..some won't even say a single word to you.

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don't strees about it. stay calm.

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dont try to be cool just listen to ur instructor and relax

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don't let them see you sweat. talk assured, laugh a lot, and put the pedal to the metal. get it on and they will not want to ride with you again. total agressioon and gun it buddy.never fails. you will get your commercial certification and make some money trucking the good ole usa.

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stay calm, pay attention, keep your eyes open, and you'll do fine.

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Don't have "one for the road".
Don't have one for "dutch courage"
Just stay sober and you'll do fine!!

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You've practice with someone already haven't you?
Learn all the laws never go over the speed limit during lessons or on your final test.
Watch how other drivers, you can see most of the time what is correct and how a comfortable driver should do it.
The car is mechanical it's your job to be aware of everything that happens around it and with it.
Driving lesson are cool and thank you instructor not many can do this job.
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