If I drive my car in reverse, can I fill up the tank?


why does the?

ROFLMAO! Surely you are just rying to get a laugh out of this...

Why aren't we importing french cars?

no, i hope your not serious

Is it true that if u don't apply for a provisional licence by the end of the year, u ave 2 wait til you're 21?

nice this was funny

Map trouble?

NO!! That is like thinking driving backwards will turn back the odometer! You already burned the gas.

If you live in California and want to get your driver's permit, read this.?

Flagged for a failed attempt at humor.

can i use a wind blower instead of a turbo for the car?

If you drive a pickup truck in reverse, do you get your old girlfriend back? Does you old hound dog live again? Do you move back home in your mom's mobile home? Does your girlfriend become your sister again?

which car make do you like best?

no u will empty the tank simple math

Rota rims?

Well, the answer is no. Shake your car by pushing it with your body.

How do Navigation Systems work?

yes, but you have to stop first, silly....

I want more power!?

No, but in the older cars driving backwards can tighten up your brakes if they're gettin' sloppy!
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