Are ford and mazda engines the same?


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Some Yes, Some No!

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Since Ford & Mazda are affiliated ( )
they share some engines, but not all.
For instance the Escape & the Tribute are the same.
The Ranger & the B3000 are the same.
Ford has a controlling interest in Mazda.

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The Ford Foundation ( a charitable organization founded by Henry & Edsel Ford) & The Mazda Foundation also share to many of the same organizations

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I'll bet a dollar to a Krispy Kreme no Ford has a rotary engine.

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no, they might share components here & there, but they're are separate.

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Some are. The old probe & MX-6 use the same parts. & the Exloplorer & Mazda Navaho were the same suv basically

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not all of them. i think the tribute shares the same engine as the escape (same engine as the Taurus) but for the most part, Mazda uses their own engines.

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For those who dont know, ford ownes mazda.
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