Which is faster? ford focus ST or a BMW 850csi?

please state your source if you can. thanks


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The BMW 850csi is a faster car. For side by side comparisons, visit either manufacturers website. Both will provide a side by side comparison. Upon reviewing both manufacturers website, the BMW 850 csi certainly is superior over the Ford Focus ST.

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It's really not fair to compare these two cars....they are in different classifications.

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bmw 850csi

Homework Help!?

ford focus st ran a 17.9 at the tracks,
bmw will run wayyyy faster then that.

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the BMW by far! you should be able to go on to any website on the internet and compare

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BMW 850csi. N questions asked. More power performance, etc.

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Faster in what? Oval track? Road course? Freeway? Drag strip? Come on! Be serious here!

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I would say the bmw,better made car!!

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a ford focus, hun do some research

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Beamers are so much higher quality luxury car. Bigger engine, more horses.
BMW any day

go-kart snow?

I would say the beemer!?

about ford 300 straight six ?

it dependent on the driver i think

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Focus -- simply because the BMW spends most of it's life in the repair shop.

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426 dodge

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hmmm, 1 is a 5.4 liter V12 all aluminum SOHC and the other is an all aluminum DOHC I-4. 1 is RWD and the other is FWD. and last but not least, 1 has 370 horses and a top speed of 180 while the other has at best 150 with a top speed of a governed 110. you be the judge.

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If both cars stock, BMW is the one!
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