Whats better Valentine 1 Radar or ESCORT SHIFTER ZR3?

I knw the valentine is one of the best but what about the excorts radar jaming technology, is the radar in this device comparable to the V1?


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The BEST radar detector is relative to the features you like/need..There are 4 radar detectors with equal performance in most repects and will save you tickets contrary to what some will tell you. The Top 4 radar detectors are(in no specific order) the:
Escort 8500 X50
Valentine 1

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I personally use the Valentine 1 as well as the BEL vector 995 both have saved me huge fines when dealing with police radar. But for dealing with Laser you really need a laser jammer(illegal in some states) I use a Blinder M20 and Anti-Laser laser jammers on my volvo along with VEIL stealth coating and LaserShield plate cover.

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For those that say a radar detector is just a ticket notifier obviously don't have experience with a top level detector. Ask any of my friends that ride in my car. My detectors both sniff out cops easily and give me plenty of time to slow down when usually going 10-15mph over the limit.

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To me the best bang for your buch radar detector is the BEL 895, for $200 at Radio Shack. The BEL 895 is not the best but it is certainly up there with the top 3 radar detectors[Escort 8500 X50($300), BEL RX65($329.99), and Valentine 1($400)] I personally have a BEL Vector 995($270) and Valentine 1($400) and their is only a slight difference in detection range. I like both detectors equally due to their unique features.

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For test results of pretty much all laser jammers and radar detectors.Check out these links:
To see videos of these stealth measures in action go here

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the escort does not jam radar, Thats illegal. There are laser jammers available (legal), but theyre pretty expensive.

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the valentine is still the best radar detector on the market

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Valentine 1 is "the closest thing to diplomatic immunity you can own" according to Car & Driver magazine. And just so you'll know, there is no jammer on the market that actually works.
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