If i take my car back to the dealership and don't sign the voluntary surrender forms, what will happen?

my car is a piece of crap and they havnt even reported it to my credit and its been four months! they've been bs-ing about fixing it so i want to give it back!


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They will charge you full price for it. Regardless of the vehicle's current state, they will enforce their contract rights if the vehicle is financed. If the dealer sold you the vehicle fraudently, or failed to report any information to you (depending on where you live), then you may be able to pursue legal action against the dealer. If the car was in good shape when you bought it, but subsequently developed issues, you have no recourse....they sell extended warranties if you want to be covered.

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If you drop off the car on their lot and refuse to pay....the credit company will become hostile and phone you non-stop for months demanding payments. It is not their fault anyway if the dealer ripped you off. After a few months of ruining your credit, they will auction the vehicle (usually at far below wholesale prices) and apply that amount towards your "payoff amount" - or the amount they think you owe them, plus late fees, etc..

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You surrender a car that you owe $10,000 on. Dealership auctions it at wholesale on behalf of the lenders for $4,000. You still owe $6000 after the sale...and they will pursue you to the ends of the Earth to get it. If you are unable to pay the balance, they will put derogatory comments in your credit, making you unable to get good interest rates on loans, if you can get a loan at all with a "charge off" on your record. This will haunt you for ten years...unless you declare bankruptcy, but that's not much better.

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The best action for a lemon car is in small claims court, provided that the dealer committed fraud or is somehow failing to live up to its obligations. In some cases, you might be able to sue the manufacturer if it is still under a factory warranty. Just because a car turns out to be unreliable does not mean it's anyone's fault. Signing a contact (such as automotive financing) does put you under specific legal obligations.

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You can be sure that they will report a failure to pay and it will impact your credit. Many auto dealers don't care about anyone or anything after they get you to sign...and unless you have some leverage, they won't be likely to help.

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Most manufacturers have a help line you can call.

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Beyond that, if it's still under warranty, there's the Better Business Bureau's auto line.

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I've had to return a vehicle before that the manufacturer bought back. I got a new car for $1,750 as a result.

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Do you have anything in writting that states the vehicle has no problems or that they will fix anything for X amount of days. If you do not, Sorry to so that no matter where you live when you purchase a used vehicle you are purchasing as is. If you do not want a credit hassle you will have to try and pay for the vehicle.

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I would suggest going to the dealership where you purcahsed and asking for the owners information and try talking to them directly. Your only other hope is to hire a lawyer for a consultation and give them the whole story and see if you have a case. If the lawyer says you don't have a case then you are pretty much stuck with the car or bad credit. Your choice.

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You bought a car from a note lot, or a "buy here pay here", right?

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If so, just bring it back. They aren't going to fix it, and they aren't going to report it on your credit either. The only thing that might become an issue is the downpayment? did you give them any dough up front? If so, consider that lost.

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if you take it back withuot signing the surrender forms the car dealership will charge you for the car even though you returned the product
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