Which is the most costfull car in this world?


What are the basic terminology of car that a driver should know?

its bugati verion.u can find about it in www.rsportscars.com and www.cars.com

DO any of you drive or own a old car?

It's Bugatti Veyron it cost 1,000,000 Eros (US$1,192,057)
country of origin France

Where can I get a Cheap Car rental (in Miami)?

It will be your personal car after you earn a salary of ten million dollars / Euros a month and want to burn half of it without a pinch of conscience.

what does it mean when the sign says"speed is electronically timed"?

Leave unnecessary speculations and devote the time to equip yourself to earn well, so that you can afford prestigious cars from your own earnings ( not of ancestors or immediate parents)
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