A friend of mine just told me that using Arco gas causes longterm problems with your car.true?


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Yes my friends and I have all had plugged fuel filters and believe the gas had trash in it.

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older cars used to have problems with seals in carburator from ethonal based fuel

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I have been driving cars for thrity yrs and do not beleive that is true.I can not tale for other folks, but I got arco gas day before yesterday...

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Your friend is wrong. Is your friend a chemical engineer? An expert on motor vehicles? Did he mention just exactly what these "long-term problems" are? Has he used all brands of fuel? Has he done any long-term testing on all types of motor vehicles to test his theory? Comparisons? I seriously doubt he has. Does he have any data whatsoever to support anything he has told you? Doubtful. You see, there are a lot of people who think they know everything, but in reality they know either nothing or just enough to sound stupid. I'm guessing your friend is a he because generally speaking, women are not this dumb. Maybe uninformed, but not dumb.

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Your friend is totally WRONG! All gasoline is the same. What sets each brand apart from others is the dyes and various additives (anti-knock, detergents, etc) mixed into them.

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The BEST brand of gasoline to buy is the one that is the cheapest when you need to fill up. They're all the same.
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