Which supercar would you rather have and why?

2007 Porshe 911 Turbo AWD

I have a 1997 class c motorhome with a cold back wall, is there anyway to insulate the rear wall?

2007 Ford GT


Need help! What cars (not SUVs) can you fold down HALF of the back seat?

Ford GT, I hear great things about it and it is more rare and unique than even the Porsche.

Are UK car clubs (pay-as-you-drive) a good idea/good value?

Now, if you made it between the Ford GT and a Porsche Carrera GT, I'd go with the Porsche.

Is keeping a gallon of gas in the car trunk in case of running out of gas a safe thing if rear ended?

2006 saleen s7 twin turbo. Less than 3000lbs and 700+hp

How many cars can I haul in a trailer with F350 dully with Class D licence?

Out of those two---the FORD GT!

what cars will these rims fit on?

Porsche hands down. Better in all aspects; reliability, fuel economy, everyday usefulness, performance. Looks however, is a toss up.

What Make/Model provides the most HP for the dollar?

2007 Porshe 911 Turbo AWD, cos we're not Ford fans besides the 2007 Ford GT inheirant ignition problems. Aussies love their Holden's.

Effects of Con-rod to crank ratios?

69 Yanko nova will smoke them both
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