Can the tires of a bulletproof vehicle be shot?

I know the tires can be shot at, but if so, does any damage come to them? I was watching The Unit last night and a motorcyclist was shooting at an armoured car. Couldnt he just have shot the tires and made the car stop?


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Tires cannot be bulletproof, but they can be damage resistant.

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There are two methods to make tires damage resistant. Special hardened sidewalls, and compressed foam inside the tire.

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You can buy the harden-ed sidewall tires from Goodyear now. Most tire sidewalls are not hard, so when you run out of air, tire collapses. Hard sidewalls let you drive on, but you wouldn't know that you had a flat. Thus, such tires require you to have tire inflation monitor device in the installed vehicle.

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The compressed foam is compresed by the air pressure in the tire during normal use. If the tire leaks, the foam pops out and fills the void in the tire, theoretically forcing the tire back into shape. It's in use in WRC rally cars.

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The truth is there's not much you can do to an armored limo short of rocket launcher or a huge mine that completely wrecks the engine or destroys a wheel. They have too much momentum, and even if you DO manage to penetrate the hardened glass and take out the driver, the other front-seat guy is trained to take over by driving from the other seat. Yes, it's a part of the cirriculum in executive protection. You reach your left hand and left foot over and steer and drive from the right seat.

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then it would not be bulletproof

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The President's car can still achieve 50 mph with all four tires flat!


And TV does things that are not possible in real life. That's entertainment!

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the tires on a bulletproof vehicle can be shot out.The tires are special and can still drive while flat.Its called run flat technology.It does not allow the vehicle to run forever with flat tires,but will let it run for 30 or 40 miles before they come apart.

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Since the tyre was made from rubber, it's imposible bullet proof.

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But hopefully, maybe in the future your good idea will be realized & help reduce accident caused by flat tyre & somekind accident happened because tyre failure

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that depends on whether or not the tires are bulletproof.

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no tire can be made bulletproof and still be cost effective. Even the President's tires on his car are not bulletproof. They are called run flat... basically it has a hard rubber sidewall that will not allow the tire to go flat. Some will even allow you to continue at highway speeds while others will only allow you to run at reduced speeds..
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