Anyone know where I can find this kind of car?

I am looking for a new car. I definitely want a few specigic things, but am having trouble finding one vehicle that includes them all.
- At least a V6 (I learned to drive on a V8, hate much less)
- Automatic (MUST)
- Not too small & sporty (I want safe)
- Not too big and high (I am petite)
- Not too box-shaped (I don't want to drive a toaster)
- From reliable company (NOT Kia, Toyota/Ford/VW pref)
- PREF hybrid, or at least not a gas hog
- Expense is not a factor (up to a point... no Mercedes-Benz lol)

Is it possible to put a million miles on a car?

So... any of that ring a bell? Right now I'm looking at Ford's new Escape hybrid or Fusion. Any other suggestions?


What is the best hatchback on the road at the moment?

saturn aura, it's a 4-door midsize sedan in competition with the ford fusion. you can either get a 3.5 V6 or a 3.6 V6 both automatic with tiptronic paddle shifters. It's coming out with a hybrid later this year.

How do i design my ice cream van so that my electric machines will still work even if i turn off the motor?

holden commodore or chev lumina

I want to get out of my lease on my car so that I can buy a new car.. Any suggestions?

The Toyota Camry is a pretty sporty car and I heard that Toyota's are some of the most reliable, they are usually an V6 and get pretty good gas mileage, also they don't look anything like the scion XB (shoebox car) so hey good luck, I am also looking for a car but I have my eyes set on a VW Jetta or Passat.
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