What's the problem with my Black and Decker Simple Start?

I recently bought a Black and Decker Simple Start (Battery Booster), and I read what I thought to be all of the manual and charged it till the green light was steady just like it said.... But my father later bought one and he said that he was going to charge his for 15 hours, I said "are you crazy..it says not to overcharge it" he told me to take another look at my manual, and when I did to my suprise it did say to charge it for 15 hours! Now I'm trying to charge it but a beeper keeps sounding off twice every 3 seconds and the green light still indicates that it's fully charged according to both the unit diagram and the manual....What's the problem? I need as many details as possible... and a way to stop the beeper would be a plus! I don't want to overcharge it but it won't work right...I tryed to "boost" a battery for over 15 minutes with no result...Even though the manual says it works in 10, and the battery indicator says it's fully charged.


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It would seem odd that any modern day product of the sort the that you are describing would not have over charge protection,
Come on for about Ten Bucks I can buy one for a Motorcycle that I can leave plugged in and connected for 24/7/365

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take it back where you purchased the B/D booster and get your money back and go to sears and get a product that is proven to work and guaranteed... all my tools are from sears and they work just fine ... every time ------------

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It is cheap and generally unreliable. They buy up seconds and faulty items, refurbish them and sell them under their brand.
Another method is to take over a company to cheaply produce a large number of items for them ( bankrupt companies) and then dissolve the company.
I have had a few of their crap items in the past, no spares, minimum warranty and faulty workmanship
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