4 seater convertibles?

What are the best 4 seater convertibles out there, and what price would I expect to pay?


How many feet is a handicapped parking space supposed to be from a entrance door?

I would recommend the Vauxhall Astra twintop starts about 17k

Anyone know of a driving event centre that does day events like Ferrari/tank/4x4 driving for a day??

or the VW Eos about 20k

Which do you puffer motorcyles or cars?

These are the best two on the market in my researched opinion. But have amazing reviews and feel good behind the wheel.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get your bus driver fired?

My husband has the twintop and i have the Tigra so i know my convertables. VW is very sexy though x

On a 2001 International 8100 Series truck, why does the driver door lock when the handle is pulled up from out

(stay away from the Audi, overpriced and not as good as the above two, as weird as that sounds) x

Why "Sales Event" instead of just a "Sale"?

toyota solara,bmw,benz,mustang,g6,seb...
go to edmunds.com to get reviews and price ranges

Why do large vechiles such as lorries use diesel engines?

1971 Plymouth Baracuda Convertable, not only will you have a 4 seater convertable, but you'll have about the most badass car ever made. But dont expect to get ahold of one with a foctory 426 Hemi. I hear the old 440 6packs will fit them nicely.

Make a go cart from a lawnmower engine?

Depends what you have to spend

Is it illegal to park on a private road?

Audi S4 is what i'd have if I had the cash-with all the options (including specifying my own colour paint-ie non standard colour) would set me back 48grand, however unless my boss decides he's going to give me a very generous payrise or I win the lottery, its not going to happen

What are the8 or 10 round holes in the engine block for? They have round metal plugs in them. "freez plugs" ?

A more sensible/affordable option would be a VW Eos starting price just under 20grand & being a VW depreciation isn't as big a problem as it would be if you bought vauxhall/peugeot/renault
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