Who makes the car seabreeze?


can anyone let me know what is the max ton of ship and draught of the Ports of Ho Chi Minh City and Haiphong?

I don't know of any car called the "Seabreeze." Perhaps you're thinking of the Chrysler Sebring?

What is a way to get around in Italy? I need the price of it per mile please. Thanks.?

I think it's Chrysler

Is it possible and is it legal for me to get / have a drivers license from 2 different states?

I think you've confused two names, both from the Chrysler corporation:

What color is my truck? Esp?

Chrysler Sebring
Plymouth Breeze

What is this "Frontage Rd" I see on I-10?

I've google-searched, and there isn't a car named "Seabreeze".
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