"Invisible" towbar with Cycle carrier - Advice/Experience sought?

I have a VW Sharan and want an "Invisible" towbar fitted.
I also want to add a cycle carrier to the tow bar (quite like the Thule ones)
Does anyone have experience or any advice ?


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I think you are looking for a swan neck tow-bar. The bracket goes underneath, and the hitch ball curves out and under the bumper and is detached when not in use. We have a bike carrier attached to the hitch ball it is clamped on, and can be removed when not in use. We have taken our bikes all over Europe with this. Ours is a Peugeot, but I would check with tow-bar specialists for similar for VW

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Don't do it.
I've had an invisible tow bar fitted but now I can't find it.
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