Anyone know the definitions to these car parts?

i have to do a crossword puzzle with the car parts as the words.
im having trouble looking up definitions for these words:

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alternator warning light
automatic choke
friction point
head restraints
hood release
shift indicator
ignition switch

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thanks to anyone who can help!


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alternator warning light: I'm not familiar with the specific light as I would guess its on mainly utility vehicals with high power loads. It would be a light that would come on if the alternator was nearing capacity for creating power.

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Automatic Choke: automaticaly richens the air/fuel mixture to allow the starting of an engine when cold.

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Friction point: I would guess the point where the clutch first starts grabbing. I'v always herd this refered to a 'clutch point'

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Hood release: lever that releases the hood

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shift indicator: a feature on some tachometers that indicates that ideal shift point.

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ignition switch: what turns on the car. ie. key and starter...

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alt. warning light-- dummy light
hood release---lever to release the hood latch
shift indicator-- tells you when to shift gears
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