Who invented cars?


any one driving porsche boxter in the winter through ice and snow?

Karl Benz.
Henry Ford gets credit for mass producing (assembly line) Model Ts

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Cars are a cumulative invention, descending from the old horse powered cars. Karl Benz made the first petrol powered car (which was a tricycle).

Who invented power steering "fluid"?

Karl Benz in Germany in 1886

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someone tired of walking

what are the white painted square,s on the main road,s there for ?

The founder of Mercedes invented the car but Henry Ford made them available to the public masses.

Should the U.S. military replace the Humvees in Iraq with Volvo 240 wagons?

Although there many examples of self-powered vehicles since 1771, most references credit Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Mayback, both of Germany, with building the first automobile in 1889. This vehicle lead directly to replacement of the horse-drawn carriage with basic body and engine designs that are still used today.
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