2002 Dodge Neon?

Talk about Friday the 13th! I get to work today and after maybe 10 minutes of being in the office we all hear a crunch sound. My co-workers go to the window to see what happened and then the whold office goes silent and everyone looks at me..
I just shook my head as I walk out to see the damage. A Ford E350 box truck vs. a 2002 Dodge Neon. What are the chances that my little car had no damage and that big truck totalled itself? Okay so I'm living in some kind of dream world! Bottom line - I have to have both doors on the driver's side replaced! Most important - no one was in the car when it happened and I can still drive it. I'm getting noticed in my car now too! (lol)
My question is, what is the approx. cost for the repair? And if it exceeds the value of the car, then what happens? I just made my last payment on this thing a month ago! Please help!


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Sorry about your car; I know about that. If there's no frame and/or running gear damage, the cost of replacing and refinishing the doors shouldn't be more than the value of the car. If the cost is more than the value, the car is "totalled" (I hope you still have Collision and Comprehensive coverage!). The insurance company will only give you "Book Value" of the car. Good luck!

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I see your problem. You bought a Dodge Neon.

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Next time, get a Toyota or Honda. They are far more reliable, get better gas mileage, and have higher resale value.
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