Am I a moron?

I feel like I just proved to myself that I'm a total moron. I maintain a 3.8 gpa and all that. In spite of all that, I failed my permit test by one (14/18) and feel like a total idiot. I want to go to Penn, however now think to myself that there cannot be many there who failed their permit test.


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Your not a moron! I already had my licence and moved to another state,having to re-take the written test.I failed it 3 times in a row.When I went before (when I actially got my licence before I moved) I passed it on the fist try.Don't feel bad,just try again!

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don't sweat it, everyone fails their permit test the first time. it's not a big deal.

I'm going to take my permit test (driving portion). Do you guys have any words of advice?

of course not you just have low self -esteen who ever told you that is a moron

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Dont feel bad I had a pretty high gpa and failed my 5 hour test by one question.although they let me cheat so I got my license anyway!

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well John I think you answered your own question.

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Failing one test doesn't make you a moron. Just take it over.

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Don't be so hard on yourself; there are plenty of people, not all of whom are "morons", who have failed the written test. It just proves you're human and fallible. Reread the test manual and retake the test; it's no big deal!! Really, relax, study and anyone with a 3.8 gpa should do well (especially since you know where you went wrong!)

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maybe it shows if your a mechanical thinker or a common sense thinker or a memory or smart. as in you might be one more than the other. which will help you define yur strengths and weaknesses.
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