1998 Eldorado (w/out Northstar) OR 1998 Mark VIII ?

Which car is more reliable, comfortable, trouble free and less expensive to repair? Any particular trouble spots to look for would be nice to know too. I have heard to stay away from the Northstar engine because it can be very costly to repair.
I like both cars and am wanting some input and or opinions from mechanics who have worked on/owners of these two cars before I buy. Thanks


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Well for starters they can both be expensive to repair as one being a caddy and the other a lincoln. I owned a mark VII and found out that ford uses the same parts on many of the different vehicles. (cheaper made vehicles) And for the most part have kept it very simple to fix. With caddies i found once one thing goes the rest of the car seems to follow suit. And with the motor being mounted sideways makes for being very tight under the hood adding to the cost of the repairs. But both are nice rides.
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