5th Wheel Towing Capacity???

Has anyone towed a Jayco 27.5 BHS with a 1/2 ton truck? We have a 1998 Chevy 5.7 litre...


What do you look for in a luxury car?

i own a shop and i moved one for a friend of mine once from the camp grounds,and my truck moved it out of there and about 30 miles to another camp ground,but i knew it was back there though it did put it in a strain a few times,and his was only a 28 foot one also my truck is a 92 with a built 350 in it,but it didn't handle too good with it back there ,but it can be done good luck with it hope this helps.

What is the price of gasoline for a gallon at your home town?

Should be Ok if you take it easy and stay on flat lands could get riskey in the moutains or steep hills.
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