3.11 or 3.55 gears what is the difference?

New Ford Mustangs have an option to have 3.55 gears, what is the difference from the stock 3.11 gears


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Tat is the gear ratio.
3.55 to 1 is a lower gear ratio, quicker take-offs but a lower top speed. Also most likely the worse of the two's gas mileage.
3.11 to one is a higher ratio, not as quick on the take-off but a higher top speed, and better MPG.

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different road speed at same RPM 3.11 faster

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the higher the number of the ratio the faster That engine turns to maintain speed. it also allows for more low end torque and faster acceleration. gas mileage is the downside

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The 3.55 gear will privide quicker acceleration, the 3.11 will provide higher top speed. With such a small difference between the two, fuel mileage will be the same either way.

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the 3.11 gives a higher top speed and better feul economy.

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the 3.55 gives more low end torque and mid range power.
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