What's the difference between low and high compression engines?


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The higher the compression the more power the engine is capable of putting out. Also the higher the octane of the fuel would have to be.

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higher compression=more performance/ higher quality octane fuel

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High compression engines deliver more horsepower and torque and reguire premium gas.Low compression engines are slower but will run on regular gas

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Engine precision and special valve,piston clearances must exist at every revolution reguardless of speed.17 to1 ratios did enjoy life in nascar racing. This gross indifference to stock ratios borders on the insane. It still has merit but should be abolished to return stock design into a more acceptable realm of reality enjoyed at the street level with 83 octane fuel inmind. How about a 900hp 355ci. that can live forever on real fuel at the pump at a $1.50 a gallon.Very possible!
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