Are there double decker omnibuses anywhere other than England?

I expect you get them in Wales ? Scotland ?

Can a digital odometer in cars be rolled back?

Perhaps Ireland ? USA ?


Which 2007 models have power adjustable foot pedals?

I used to travel home from school in one in the 80's in regional NSW (Australia), not sure if it's still going cause we moved.

Whats your favorite car?

Honk Kong, Japan, Korea and last year introduced in Sri Lank. Few are from the UK, mainly originating from Germany and Scandinavian countries. I believe they are also in use in India, however, as to be expected, they are invariably driven under low level bridges with terrible casualties occurring.

Does my car need a center concole?

When I visited Victoria, BC (Canada) several years ago one of the tourist attractions was "London Buses" taking guided tours of the area. They were not, to my knowledge, used on routes for public transport.

Is honda civic an over rated car or is it the best?

When I visited Gettysburg, PA (US) in 2003, one or two of the tour guide companies used double-decker buses, but they were newer and not of the London "style".

Custom car decals loosing stickiness?

In Chicago last year I rode a double-decker commuter train from Union Station out to a suburb.

I got a ticket doing 107mph in a 65mph zone on my motorcycle from an airplane any ideas on how beat the ticket

yes Korea

Jeep Wrangler, Doors off on STREET Years Legal?

I live here in Las Vegas and we have them running up and down the strip

How do I get someones address from their plate #?

There are open top ones in Canberra and a couple of old dead ones about the places once used as fish and chip dispensers for the post-pub munchies. I think they ran them in Sydney for a while, don't know about now, have not been in central Sydney for 10 years.
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