2000 Corolla Gas Octane?

I was wondering if anyone knew what octane of gas I should use for my 2000 Toyota Corolla.
Mechanic's answer will be a plus, but anyone would do.


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regular gas is fine for that car

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Regular will do fine for your car but I would suggest plus or premium b/c it is a lot better on you fuel system in the long run

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You will derive zero benefit from running anything more than 87 octane in a Corolla. It's like pissing money down a river.

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Regular 87 Octane is plenty good.

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You'd only need better fuel if you run a turbo and intercooler or NOS.

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if you got some cash burnin a hole in your pants you can get premium, or you could just send me a check and get the same result.

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proven, time and time again.

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where do you live its different in different places it will say on the door sticker or the dealer depending on pollution standards. in Texas 89 is the best anything else and your car wont run right
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