Any body have experience with an '02 Saturn SL?

I recently purchase one with low mileage and at a pretty reasonable price and just want to know the pros and cons of this vehicle.What should I look out for as an owner if anything?Will it truly be a reliable vehicle?That sort of thing.Just an overview of the car is what I'm looking for please.


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I posted to your other question, didn't see this one... So, I'll just copy and paste...

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Because the Saturn S Series has a timing chain, you should change your oil minimum every 3000 miles. Always, ALWAYS, maintain your oil levels.

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This website made some note about Saturns:

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Fortunately, by the 2002 model year, they fixed the problem with the ECTS (Electronic Coolant Temperature Sensor)... but you might want to change it out as your car gets older. They still can get corroded if the previous owner of the car didn't change out the coolant properly (e.g. not doing 50/50 Coolant and Water). I've seen a few where they used straight coolant and the sensor got completely oxidized.

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One con would be the alternator being positioned at the bottom of the car. Not always the best idea to have electrical components close to water. There is a splash guard, but Saturns of the early to mid-90s had problems. I haven't heard much in recent years of the third generation (1999-2002) S Series Saturns having the same problems.

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Follow your maintenance schedule religiously. If you don't have a copy or your car didn't come with the owner's manual, you can sign up at the Owner's Center, and they'll have on-line schedules.

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Visit (hang out) at the forum. You can keep your Saturn alive for a long time to come. I know a guy in Southern California who is knocking on the door of 500K on his 1995 Saturn (he changes his oil ever 2500 miles).

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Good luck.

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P.S. One more thing... if you notice some oil consumption (loss or burning), you might want to change out the PCV Valve first before doing anything else. And when you do, ONLY buy the OEM PCV Valve. Buying a non-Saturn (GM) PCV can pop your engine.
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