Please help. What are some high paying automotive jobs?

im 17, im about to graduate high school, and im considering going to lincoln tech. i like cars, but i dont know if i want to repair them for the rest of my life. i want to know what type of other jobs i can get where i dont have to repair them all day. something where i can use my automotive knowledge, but maybe work in an office and make good pay. i really dont want to go to college because its too much like high school, and i cant stand all those different classes learning about stuff ill never need to use in my life. i do better with things i want to learn, which is why i picked lincoln tech, but i dont wanna go into a field where i cant get a job that i like. if anyone could tell me what some good jobs are and how much they pay, it would make my decision alot easier. im also good with computers and i can draw, so if there is a job where i can combine automotive knowledge, computer knowledge, and artistic skill please let me know. thanks for your help, i really appreciate it.


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You can get a marketing/communications degree from any good university that you could leverage into working for the product branding department. Also if you get a design degree you can work in the design department. You could also go to work for an automotive company in their financial or engineering departments as well. If you like cars and want to make them instead of fix them then engineering is for you.

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The General Ed courses in college aren't that bad and they really round out your education as an individual.

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First, college is nothing like high school. If you want to work in an office using automotive skills A Technical college is the answer. Maybe an engineering degree is what you want. Go to a 2 year college. If you like it then transfer to a 4 year college. Check out the schools in your area if you don't want to leave home. You'll double or triple your income with a college education. Don't go to any of those Automotive Tech schools out there. You'll end up doing what it is you don't want to do. You can apply for student loans or maybe a scholarship if you qualify. Education is KEY, good luck!

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Some of the best paying jobs in the world are sales positions, in any field. The automotive industry is no different. The best can earn high in the six figure categories. There are also high level positions in service, parts, front end office and others that pay well above average. It's all in what you want to put into it. All of these jobs are for go-getter's, not desk sitters!

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oil lube tech..6.98 an hour.

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A good position would be a Service Writer at a new car dealership. You basically deal with the customers and their service issues. You need a good understanding of auto technology and good communication skills. Most dealerships will offer you a base salary plus commission on the service you write. For instance someone comes in for a 30k mile service you earn a commission on what they spend. Good Luck
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