A162 Hp Hyundai Sonata can do 17 sec in the quarter mile, so why can 235 Hp Hyundai Sonata do only 15.7 Sec?

Thats 70 Hp! and only 150 pounds difference Why does it take soo much power to get only 1.3 sec more fast


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This is phisics. It takes a lot of power to accellerate quick;y
And the faster car is going to be travelling faster at the end of the1/4 mile so it will require more horsepower to overcome the wind resistance

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acceleration does not purely depend on horsepower. torque has a lot to do with it. it is the force that gets the car moving. the crank flange in the engine provides the driving mechanism for the rest of the car in order to accelerate it. the horsepower simply keeps the car moving after has accelerated.

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You're comparing apples to oranges and not apples to apples! What was the tranny and rear end specs? Is one turbo and not the other? The design of the vehicle alone can have totally different wind resistance. There are nmerous reasons why 70 hp didn't make a whole lot of difference!

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You seem amazed about the 70hp and 150lbs...a 1.3 second gain for that is not uncommon. It sounds about right to me. I think the problem here is the fact that you are even curious as to what a Hyundai Sonata would do in the 1/4. Grocery getting and kid dropping off is not exciting or worthy of an internet question.

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But that's just my opinion.
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