After having a new windshield installed how long do I need to wait before I can run the car thru a carwash?


Whats are the pro's and con's of driving an automatic car?

Ask the people who installed the windshield. It usually takes a day or two for the sealers around the edges of the windshield to fully cure.

Will my truck be damaged if i park it on an upgrade every day?

my window guy said 48 hours to let glue time to dry.

Is my car coved by a lemon law here in Indiana? mechanic Ford Wind Star dealershipmoney back?

A day or two if they did it correctly and it's warm where you are.

How do bodyshops match cars paint colors. (Like) how can they make the same exact paint again for any car?

at least 4 hrs. at 70 degrees

What is the air that comes out of old muscle cars hoods?

Go now.

How many feet is a handicapped parking space supposed to be from a entrance door?

At least 2 days To be sure ask the guy who installed it.
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