What year was the old A reg eg ABC 123 A?


my neice bought a car from a garage a week ago and has found out ther;s an electrical fault on the lights and?

the answer is...1963

Do you need to tip mechanics? Especially those at Jiffy Lube?

know this because my first car was an austin healey 'frogeye' sprite, which i bought when i was in the royal navy...was 17 and bought it off a mate onboard...guess what...it was an 'a' reg

Car Note With Rims?

It was definitely 1965. :)

What are the flappy things on the back of some lorries?

A 1983-1984
B 1984-1985
C 1985-1986

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At the manufacturing plant how are chrome rims?

A January 1963–December 1963
B January 1964–December 1964
C January 1965–December 1965
D January 1966–December 1966
E January 1967–July 1967
F August 1967–July 1968
G August 1968–July 1969
H August 1969–July 1970
J August 1970–July 1971
K August 1971–July 1972
L August 1972–July 1973
M August 1973–July 1974
N August 1974–July 1975
P August 1975–July 1976
R August 1976–July 1977
S August 1977–July 1978
T August 1978–July 1979
V August 1979–July 1980
W August 1980–July 1981
X August 1981–July 1982
Y August 1982–July 1983

Ok an elecrtic engine?

It was 1962 i have a riley in my garage of that reg and year and the log book in front of me. hope that clears it up for you.

Whats the best way to save up money for a car?

A reg is 1963 B1964 C1965

Where does the rubber from your truck tires go?

I get it to 1963, my 1969 Triumph Herald was a G so I think that's right.

Is it safe/possible to fit alloy wheels which are 5x100 onto a car which takes 5x98?


i have a429with 4speed ina1980 f150 stock275 rear.what would be a better rear for street strip?

well have a read here-------

driving laws in india?

scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the table with yrs and reg tags!!!

What engine does an 03 plated Isuzu NQR 7.5 ton truck have fitted euro2 or euro3?


Will American car makers, Ford & GM, be forced to build in China?

ABC 123A would have come out in January 1963. They changed to August in 1967, meaning that ABC123E only lasted 7 months. A123 ABC came out in August 1983, & the current system came in Sept 2001. Hope this helps.
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