Any car rental places that will rent to a 19 year old?


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Enterprise will let you rent when you are 21.
Avis, Hertz, National, Dollar, Thrifty and etc.. will let you rent at 21 but you will have to pay a $15-20 a day extra fee plus the rental itself. Otherwise you have to wait till you are 25 to rent from these types of big companies.
Try the local small rental places in your area depending on how big the city you live in. I know in smaller towns they might rent to a person from 18+ but rarely.

I just want to know?

no i think 25 and over everywhere

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no ever see jackass or cky movies bam rented a car and catch it on fire and Knoxville got one and enter in into a demolition derby

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all you need is a licence

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Get your parents to rent it for you, as long as your still on speaking terms!

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The only possibility might be a small, local company. Check your yellow pages. Some used car dealers rent cars, and a few rent to underage drivers. The only way you are going to find one is to call all the ones in the book. None of the majors will even let you drive if someone else rents the car, as you are not 21. Good luck.
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