Are there any hydrogen powered cars market-ready?


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There will never be a hydrogen powered car for the mass market. Fuel cell cars currently cost in the area of $1m. With mass production, the cost may close in on $250K. You can burn hydrogen in a piston motor, but the range would be very limited because of fuel storage limitations.

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As for infrastructure, the list of technical hurdles is endless. But the biggest problem is money. Essentially none of the existing pipeline or service station infrastructure would work for hydrogen. There is a petroleum infrastructure that has cost trillions of dollars and taken a century to build. All of that would have to be duplicated for hydrogen to become real.

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When all of that is done, the question of where the hydrogen will come from still needs to be answered. Dr Geoff Ballard, the genius behind Ballard fuel cells, has said that the ideal energy source for producing hydrogen are nuclear fission power plants. We'll that's a non-starter for the forseeable future. So the answer is that hydrogen would be made from.fossil fuels. Really, it's just silly stuff.

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I don't think that there are nay rolling down the assembly line at the moment. they do have them ready to go but the intrastructure isn't there yet. I know Ford and BP are working together to get things started to produce them. Until we can find filling stations all over the country you really make them and sell them. It won't be long before they start making them I believe.

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ford man has it right they cant be put into mass production yet because there are not enough places to fill up
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