Anyone have an estimate of how much it will cost to completely rebuild an older mustang?

Well, if I wanted this mustang to be completely rebuilt, with new everything...because all it is starting as is the body, about how much will it cost if it is one from the late 1960's?


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I guess it depends on exactly the year and what condition the chassis is in.

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Early 64.5-66 stangs suffer from frame rail, rear torquebox, cowl and floorpan rust. So these are the things to look for.

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The better condition these are in, the cheaper t will be to restore your car.

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Parts for 64.5-66 are cheaper than the other later years by a long shot.

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If you go 67-68, the price goes up substantially.

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69-70 forget it, way too expensive.

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Fastback/sportsroof parts are about 15-25% more expensive than coupe or vert parts. Depending on the model...

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Think of spending about $2000 for a good 225hp stock 302,
$800 for a well-built AOD auto trans. $300 for custom driveshaft, $600 for new brakes if drum in front convert it to disc.

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Mustangsplus offer suspension kits at semi reasonable rates.
I like National Parts Depot better. Shop around though...

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What kind of mustang do you want and how much power do you want under the hood? Tires/wheels? Brakes? Suspension?

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There is a website that deals with classic mustangs.

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I once rebuilt a 1967 Mustang 6cylinder Automatic.Having the engine rebuilt,some body work done, many new parts to suspension, brakes and exhaust system.Done in 1991, it cost me about $2,500.00 Having it repainted another $1,200.00 So you can just about double that for starters,plus the cost of purchasing one.Unless you already do.It also has alot to do with what has to be done and what you want to have done.You may also want to look around for one that is already done and save yourself alot of headaches.

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Without even looking at it, restoration shops say "Oh 'bout $25,000.00 to start".

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It really depends on how far you want to go with it, bare bone stock $10.000 all the bells and whistles $80.000.
I suggest that you do a bit of home work on what you want, like suspension engine transmission interior, audio, other accessories, type of paint. Break it down in those categories is a good starting point.
Don't forget tires and rims plain $600 fancy $2000
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