Are car companies changing too slowly?

It seems they're not able to keep up with a fast-changing market. Are they unable to be innovative fast enough? Is it impossible to get the cars from concept to market quickly?


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This is a very complex question.

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The factors to development are extremely diverse. Because of Govt. regulations it takes a minimum of 3 years to develop a new vehicle from scratch, then the approval process can begin. In this time billions of dollars can be spent before ever even looking at the costs of tooling up a new assembly line. The gamble is enormous, and that is probably the biggest factor in the process.

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Then there is the way that all companies make decisions based on computer data. The flaw is that the data can never show what would sell, only what has. This leads to a heavy mentality toward we haven't sold an efficient vehicle, so we can't sell one. Never taking into consideration that there wasn't such a car to sell.

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Maybe they will eventually wake up, or new companies will take over with the designs to sell.

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No, they're just afraid of wut might happen if things don't pan out.
So they don't change at all.

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Yes, but also people are changing too slowly.

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If everyone decided that they wanted efficient, clean, light modern sedans or small sports cars instead of lumbering SUV's. Then the car companies would scramble to catch up.

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This is happening somewhat with hybrids.
Some companies are getting a little left behind as they chose not to invest in hybrids or more efficient cars a few years back.

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Although hybrids might seem like the answer, they really don't get that much better mileage than a conventional car with the same size engine. A Prius uses about a 70 hp or less engine and gets 45 miles to the gallon. It costs about $24,000. The Aveo gets about 35 miles to the gallon and cost about half that much. There's a lot of technology out there, but just because you match an electric motor with a gas one doesn't equate with savings. Railroads have been doing this for years and this hasn't really saved that much fuel. It does help the acceleration a great deal. The only source is from the gas or diesel engine charging the battery, that's it.

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yea cars should be flying by now
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