A friend told me a cup of honey added to my fuel would help my vw diesel run better.Is that true?


I want to get a new car?

I wouldn't think so. Honey is sugar and sugar in your gas tank will ruin your car. Your "friend" doesn't sound very helpful.

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Oh My Gosh!
What kind of friend would say that? Honey is sugar.
Sugar in a gas tank is NOT a good thing!

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no it will not if it a diesel put in some lucas fuel aditive it can help your fuel milage and horsepower or howes. you can get them at any truck stop,orileys,auto zone

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No, thats just nonsense. You use the term "friend "loosely I hope.

What exactly does like 5.7 liter mean?

He made you an awfully bad taste joke, or someone's made it to him.
When you want to make a motor literally get stuck and render unusable, you put sugar in the fuel tank.
Sugar reacts with gasoline removing all bits of oil in the cylinders/pistons.
A motor with no oiling in it's moving parts rises temp, cracks, stops, and dies. Then you have to go for a new motor.
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