Anyone have an Acura RDX?

Does anyone out there have an Acura RDX? Let me know what problems (if any) you have had with the vehicle. Also what do you like/ dislike about the RDX?


My car is 13 years old, but still works fine. How much longer should I keep it?

Join this website... you'll get better responses over there.

How do car button-starts work?

Why must the wheel lug nuts be loosened before the car is jacked up off the floor?

No... nobody has every purchased or owned an Acura RDX.

I have never driven a car before or researched the highway code?

If you want to know the problems - you'll never know them - because each car is different and unique.

Nav Man F20 is it any good ?? Your views please?

but you can see what kind of history they have by going on to the NHTSA website - they're the group responsible for recalls and all sorts of safety issues...
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